Translate Web L10N localization files

WebTranslateIt supports Web L10N .properties files, used for localizing Google Android applications.

Web L10N .properties file example

Here’s an example of Android .xml file. WebTranslateIt supports class string, string-array and plurals structures. XML comments are imported as developer comments.

tale=A tale of two <strong>small</strong> brown furry {{creatures}}.

phrase={[ plural(n) ]}
phrase[zero]=No quick {{adj}} jumped over the lazy dog.
phrase[one]=The quick {{adj}} jumped over the lazy dog.
phrase[other]={{n}} quick {{adj}} jumped over the lazy dog.

brown={[ plural(n) ]}
brown[zero]=brown foxes
brown[one]=brown fox
brown[other]=brown foxes

pink={[plural(n) ]}
pink[zero]=pink penguins
pink[one]=pink penguin
pink[other]=pink penguins