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  1. Logo of LT Core
    LT Core
  2. Logo of TradingView
    Choose the section for the translation and go!
  3. Logo of OneUp Public Localization
    OneUp Public Localization
    Contains everything related to printing-- the new HTML and customizable reports.
  4. Logo of War
    The original pvp arena plugin for Minecraft
  5. Logo of Fast Launcher 2016
    Fast Launcher 2016
    Fast Launcher 2016 , please help me to translate app.
  6. Logo of Phoca Gallery
    Phoca Gallery
    A free joomla gallery
  7. Logo of tv
  8. Logo of JSXC
    **Add real-time XMPP chat to any web application!** Communication should be immediate, secure, private, and without hurdles....
  9. Logo of Beetight
  10. Logo of Gibberfish User Documentation
    Gibberfish User Documentation
    Gibberfish, Inc is a 501(c)(3) US nonprofit which provides free cloud tools to activists and human rights defenders.
  11. Logo of Neater Bookmarks
    Neater Bookmarks
    ***** TESTERS WANTED ***** If you'd like to be a tester for Neater Bookmarks, please contact me at neaterbookmarks@gmail.com. ...
  12. Logo of 4chan 4chrome
    4chan 4chrome
    The original 4chan extension for Google Chrome.
  13. Logo of Sleep Orbit
    Sleep Orbit
    Looking to get the app into as many languages as we can. If you are bilingual and can help with new translations or improve the...
  14. Logo of Open Charge Map
    Open Charge Map
    Open Charge Map is a non-commercial, non-profit, electric vehicle charging location data service hosted and supported by a comm...
  15. Logo of Lil Devil's Extensions and Greasemonkey Scripts
    Lil Devil's Extensions and Greasemonkey Scripts
    These strings are for some browser Extensions and Greasemonkey scripts by Lil Devil. **Bag of Tricks** - adds several useful...
  16. Logo of xabber classic
    xabber classic
    Classic version of Xabber (version 0.9.30x)
  17. Logo of Better Open With
    Better Open With
    Better Open With makes your "Complete Action Dialog" Smarter!
  18. Logo of Galaxy & Pursuit
    Galaxy & Pursuit
  19. Logo of JoomFish
    JoomFish is the localization and multilingual content management extension for the CMS Joomla.
  20. Logo of Gyro
    An application to detect Virtual Reality compatibility of phones. There are a lot of sensor names in the list.
  21. Logo of Xabber
    Main version of Xabber (1.x)
  22. Logo of Oct 7th Website
    Oct 7th Website
    Manage translations for oct7th.com web site.
  23. Logo of Phoca Download
    Phoca Download
  24. Logo of Prey
    Welcome to the Prey translation!!!   Prey is a lightweight application that will help you track and find your laptop, And...
  25. Logo of CalcKit: All-in-One Calculator
    CalcKit: All-in-One Calculator