Reporting are detailed statistics of the translation work over a specific time frame. This is useful if you have a team of translators to pay. We have two kinds of reports:

Project Reports

Project reports can be found under the “Language & Stats” tab, under the “Reporting sub-tab”.

In order to use it, start by selecting a time frame. If, for instance we would want to see all the translations made on the WebTranslateIt project between January 1st 00:00 AM to March 7th 23:59PM, then we would select from January 1st to March 8th.

We exclude the end date so that if you run a report from a past date until today the report won’t change depending on the hour of the day you ran that report today. If you want a translation report until today, you will have to wait until tomorrow to get a report of translations made today.

It is also possible to filter by a specific language, and change the unit of count used for billing (segments, words or characters).

Clicking on “View Details” next to the translator’s name lets you see exactly the changes that were made by that translator over that period of time. This is useful if you want to verify the translation work that was done.

Global Reports

Global reports can be found from your Dashboard, under the “Reporting” tab.

Global reporting works the same way than Project Reporting does, except it runs on several projects at the same time.

On that page you will see a report of translations made across the projects, grouped by translators, detailing the changes made by that translator by project. This is useful if translate several projects at the same time.