Slovenian translation - continued

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    Zala Traducteur en slovène, sans droit de relecture

    I have done some more work on translations to Slovenian. Please, find attached a list of problems with explanations that I have found. Some are old and some are new - thank you for resolving (some of) the issues from previous time.
    Hopefully, most of the issues can be resolved. Thank you for the trouble.
    Kind regards,

  2. Hi, thanks for compiling this.

    1. Fixed "User" screen translations
    2. "Fix History" button will be eventually removed so we won't be translating this
    3. There will be improvements to change presentation slightly and these terms won't require translation in new implementation.
    4. "Go to Customer Portal", still not happy how it's implemented. Most likely it will be different soon so no need to translate for now
    5. This is the same like in "English". Technically, they are all sub-totals but the last "sub-total" is also "Total". Is this a problem?
    6. I made "Rate" label to be hidden. I don't think we need a label for that field anyway.
    7. Fixed "Payslip" translations
    8. "Email Settings" are going to be simplified and these untranslated words won't be visible anyway in the future.
    9. "Email Templates" fixed
    10. This is automatically-created when creating new business. And accounts are given name at the time of creating business based on current language at that time. There is going to be slightly different mechansim in near future.
    11. This needs to be fixed here on WebTranslateIt. "Method" should translate as "Metoda" in your language. This is mistake in translation.
    12. "AccountingBasis" fixed
    13. This screen will be reworked soon.