Translate Apple .strings and .stringsdict files

WebTranslateIt supports Apple .strings and .stringsdict files, for localizing Mac, iPhone and iPad applications.

.strings file example

Here’s an example of Apple .strings file. WebTranslateIt imports instructions wrapped between /* */.

/* Capitalized plural form of the 'kilometer' unit of measure.*/
"Kilometers" = "Kilometers";

/* Capitalized abbreviation for the 'kilometer' unit of measure.*/
"Km" = "Km";

/* Keep this short.*/
"Last Generated:" = "Last Generated:";

/* This is a comment on several lines
  It can take as many lines as you want
"OhWell" = "What";

.stringsdict file example

<plist version="1.0">
            <string>%d file remaining</string>
            <string>%d files remaining</string>

Empty strings

Empty strings aren’t exported at all on target language files (although they are exported in the master language file and kept in database). Exporting empty strings would prevent Apple’s language fallback mechanism from working.

In an iPhone, iPad or Mac app, if a string is left empty in a target language, the device won’t display anything. On the other hand, if the string isn’t in the file at all, the device will fallback to the English text, which is better than no text at all for the end user.

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