Translation project of Compass app.

This app uses also texts located in Fulmine Tools Library translation project, so if you are not a member of this project, please request an invitation to join Fulmine Tools Library project too.

To get more information about translating my app and getting Pro version for free please see the information for translators.

Feel free to join my other translation projects.

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16 sept. ‘23 07:00
WebTranslateIt deactivated an invitation for the project Compass because it wasn’t accepted in more than 3 months.
13 août ‘23 17:11
Ryo567 changed 1 translations in Spanish on Compass. See changes »
27 juil. ‘23 14:04
Seanán Ó Coistín changed 1 translations in Irish on Compass. See changes »
22 juil. ‘23 15:07
Leandrorlsousa changed 1 translations in Portuguese on Compass. See changes »
21 juil. de 09:01 to 21:09
Geert changed 8 translations in Dutch on Compass. See changes »