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  1. Filip Traducteur en croate, sans droit de relecture

    dear brothers, thank you very much for your effort first of all! Could we ask you to look at all the translations that are related to the three main topics and titles of our meetings during the week? These are Treasures from God's word, Apply yourself to the field ministry and living as Christians. Since the titles are apparently only available in English, even if they were available in Croatian before the latest updates. Thank you very much!

  2. Stéphane HUC Manager

    I noticed only 30% terms are translated on Croatian, and ~25% proofreading. Your team need to be more active to translate AND validate proofreading. It's really necessary to do those tasks.

    If this work is not done upstream by your team, no changes can be made when importing translations into the project. Result: you have english terms, because it's the default language of this project!

    Please, do them!

    Maybe do you want proofreading rights?

  3. Manuel Traducteur en espagnol ayant un droit de relecture total (incluant ses propres traductions)

    Dear Filip,
    thanks for helping with translation and making TheocBase more accessible. I've checked in the database and you already have translations for these terms, but they are not proofread. As Stéphane said only proofread segments will be included in new versions of TheocBase. You can ask someone of your translation group with proofreading rights to do this job or if you feel up to it you can ask Stéphane for proofreading rights and do it yourself. Proofreading requires to go through every translated term and check if the translation is correct. You can then mark it as proofread and it will be included in future versions. Feel free to ask if you have any further questions.


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    Living as Christians

    Living as Christians

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