How to get more data for a country?

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  1. Geoff Traducteur en turc, sans droit de relecture

    On I can see a fair number of charging stations in Turkey which I cannot see on Am I just confused by the user interface? If so could the UI be improved as others will also likely be confused. Or is there some email in English which is supposed to be translated and sent to single country networks such as to request their data? If so could it be put on here to be translated?

  2. Hi Geoff, Please join the discussions at our Google+ community ( as not many people see the discussion on webtranslateit.

    If you search for a location and no charging stations are shown it's most likely we just don't have them. Either volunteers need to add them or networks need to donate their data to us for redistribution. Just email them and ask if they can add their locations onto Open Charge Map - they can then contact is via for more details. It's better if they are asking us because they think that's what drivers want, rather than us just asking them.

  3. Geoff Traducteur en turc, sans droit de relecture

    Hi Christopher,

    Thanks I will have a look at the discussion forum you mention for non-translation issues. But as this thread is related to translation I thought I should continue it here so other translators can easily see it.

    I will email our local charging networks as you suggest. However the contact form you mention is not showing in Turkish at

    Could you add Turkish to the dropdown list?