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8 new features you didn’t know about

Posted by Edouard Brière on February 22, 2017

Here are 8 tiny but useful features we’ve been releasing over the past few months.

Project Icons

Project managers can now upload project icons to differentiate their different projects.

In order to upload a new icon, just go to the project settings and upload it next to the “Icon” title.

Filters Improvements

1. Filter by multiple labels

You can now filter segments by multiple labels in the translation interface.

This is an advanced feature, so we don’t have an UI for it, so you will have to edit the URL to use this.

For instance, if you’d like to filter by the label label 1 and label 2, you’d need to use this link: https://webtranslateit.com/en/projects/406-WebTranslateIt/locales/en..en/strings?label=[label+1,label+2]

2. Filter segments not having label

If you’d like to only show segments not having any labels it is now possible to do so. Click on “Filters” » “Labels” and select “None”.

3. Filter by segments having instructions

We also added a new filter to let you display only segments having instructions or those not having instructions. This will make it easier for you to specifically list segments needing some commenting. Adding instructions greatly helps translators doing their work.


Autoscroll is a new translation feature. In the translation interface having Autoscroll on moves the translation box to the top of the screen to make room to list the translation suggestions.

This new feature is turned on by default but you can turn it off in your personal settings.

WebHook Logging and improvements to Slack

We improved our WebHooks a lot. First of all, we now log the output of each WebHook call and you can review it in your project settings. It will be useful to determine why a WebHook hasn’t been working.

We also improved the WebHook payload so if you use the WebHook feature to post to Slack it will now display a message detailing the changes. More improvements and a tighter Slack integration are in the pipeline.

Smaller features and bug fixes

  • Added overflow to labels for segments having many labels. The full label list is still visible by clicking on the ellipsis (…)
  • Improved the TermBase code to make it faster.
  • Fixed a bug with the character counter for languages using more than 1 byte per character.
  • Added the ability to create a new segment and set segment status (current, obsolete, hidden).
  • Project Managers (not being organization admins) can now delete labels.

That’s it for today. I hope you will find these new features useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.

New file format supported: Apple .stringsdict

Posted by Edouard Brière on February 13, 2017

You can now translate Apple .stringsdict files with WebTranslateIt.

.stringsdict files are files used for iPhone applications to define language plural forms.

Here’s an Apple .stringsdict file example:

We hope you will find this new file format useful. It was the file format the most requested so far. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.

New file format supported: react-intl

Posted by Edouard Brière on 13 de febrero de 2017

You can now translate react-intl JavaScript files with WebTranslateIt.

react-intl files are JSON files which are parsed in a specific way by WebTranslateIt. Descriptions will be extracted out and displayed as a developer instructions.

We hope you will find this new file format useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.

Translation Memory Improvements

Posted by Edouard Brière on February 13, 2017

In the past few months we have been working on improvements to the Translation Memory on WebTranslateIt. Here’s what’s new.

Improved User Interface

We improved the design of the translation suggestions coming from the Translation Memory or Machine Translation. It should now be clearer to see where the results come from. We also added the date this suggestion was translated. Moreover, if the results comes from your own Translation Memory (as opposed to the Global Translation Memory) you should also see the author’s name.

Listing all suggestions

Selecting a suggestion highlights it in yellow.

Better Suggestion Quality

We also reworked the algorithm used to fetch translation suggestions. The new algorithm should be much better at finding Complete Matches and at finding suggestions for very short sentences or for segments containing code.

It also means that the Complete Matches Batch Operations should be working much better now too.

We hope you will find these improvements useful. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.

Introducing Reporting

Posted by Edouard Brière on March 10, 2016

Today we are introducing a new feature for all projects. We have actually been beta-testing this feature since a few months now and it is now ready. We call it Reporting.

Reporting is a new way to see at a glance the whole translation work of your translation team in a specific time frame. This is useful if you have a team of translators to pay, for instance.

You will find this new feature under the Language & Stats tab on the new Reporting sub-tab.

In order to use it, start by selecting a time frame (for instance we want to see all the translations made on the WebTranslateIt project between January 1st to March 8th).

It is also possible to filter by a specific language, and change the unit of count used for billing (segments, words or characters).

Finally, by clicking on “View Details” you get to see exactly the changes made by the translator. This is useful if you want to verify the translation work that was done.

But that’s not it! We made Reporting global and work across projects. On your dashboard you will notice a new “Reporting” tab.

This reporting feature works the same way the project reporting does, except it runs on several projects at the same time.

On that page you will see a report of translations made across the projects, grouped by translators, detailing the changes made by that translator by project. This is useful if translate several projects at the same time.

I hope you will find the new Reporting feature useful. You will find more information about Reporting in the documentation. Thank you for using WebTranslateIt.