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web_translate_it rubygem v2.6.0 released

By Edouard on March 24, 2022

We have released a new version of the web_translate_it gem, the open-source synchronization Command Line Interface tool for Web Translate It.

This new version brings a few improvements:

  • Better support for before_pull, after_pull, before_push, after_push hooks. They now display the command output, and write an error message if the exit status of the command was not successful.
  • Add ability to ignore files from pulls with a setting in the .wti file. It lets you ignore a specific file, or use a glob to ignore a series of files. Example: ignore_files: ['**/fr.yml', 'config/locales/js/*.yml', 'config/locales/app/fr.yml']
  • Remove silence_errors = true option that could be put in the configuration file, which was silencing SSL connexion errors. SSL is important, and if it isn’t properly configured, it needs to be fixed on your machine by updating your cert chain.
  • We have also updated our documentation to show how you should use wti to handle multiple projects.

wti synchronization tool

Install or Upgrade

To install web_translate_it, please refer to the gem documentation.

As usual, upgrade web_translate_it to its latest version by typing in a terminal: gem install web_translate_it.

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We’ll retire 4 obsolete file formats

By Edouard on March 18, 2022

We’ve had a look at the file formats we support and noted that 4 of them are now obsolete. In order to streamline our code we will retire these file formats on June 1st, 2022.

The obsolete file formats are:

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2 ways to paste translation suggestions in WebTranslateIt

By Edouard on March 15, 2022

Do you use suggestions? Here is another trick for our power-translators out there.

When you click on a suggestion, the text in the text area is replaced by the suggestion. Did you know that if you hold the Ctrl key (Command key on a Mac) while clicking on the suggestion, the suggested text is inserted where your cursor is?

We also have a lot of keyboard shortcuts for power-translators out there. Just press the H key anywhere on WebTranslateIt to see them.

This is the fourth episode of our new series of posts with short, useful tips showing you how to use some of the most advanced features in WebTranslateIt that maybe you didn’t know existed.

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Check if you can translate your app with WebTranslateIt

By Edouard on March 10, 2022

Today we’re very happy to release an updated section to our documentation regarding File Formats.

We have been working several weeks on that update, and we internally find it quite useful, as it’s compiling information from all over internet about which language file formats can be used on which platform (meaning which software framework, programming language or ecosystem).

We also now have a new page showing our supported frameworks and programming languages.

Each programming language or framework page includes information about which language file format can be used on that platform, some links of interest including i18n libraries for that platform on GitHub, and some explanations on how to localize it.

Here for example is the page about Node.js, another one about Python, Laravel and Ruby on Rails.

As indicated on each page, let us know if you found an error or would like to submit a useful library for internationalizing a platform. We really value your feedback.

With that, thanks for reading!

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Now is not the time to be neutral

By Estelle on March 8, 2022

As we all know, Western international institutions are taking severe economical measures in an attempt to paralyze Russia’s financial means and force them to back down and people from all over the world are donating money to charities helping out Ukrainians during this atrocious time.

Meanwhile in Russia, social networks are being censored by the government and independent journalists are being silenced by a draconian law adopted on the 4th of March that makes the publication of “false” or “mendacious” information about the Russian armed forces punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Russian people are being cut from the only access they had to unbiased sources of information about Russia’s raging war against Ukraine.

As a localization platform, we’ve always supported charity organizations that needed to reach out to a global audience by providing them our services for free. It is essential to global welfare that information regarding world poverty, conflicts, environmental matters circulate freely to raise awareness of what’s wrong in this world, who are the people trying to solve these issues and how the public can help out.
The thought of the Russian people losing access to essential information, information that should make them want to overthrow their leader, is unbearable.

From now on WebTranslateIt will donate to Reporters Without Borders the money earned every month with our Russian customers’ subscriptions, in the hope that they can support independent Russian media and convey the information the Russian people are entitled to.

Every gesture count. If you can, donate too.

The WebTranslateIt Crew

If you wish to learn more about Vladimir Putin’s motivation for launching an attack on Ukraine, here is an educational video made by Vox Media, an independent media group.