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  1. Hi, I've added some context information to the string: course scale is the indicator that shows current deviation from the assumed course. Some time ago it was translated to Italian as "ingrandimento scalare" but I don't think it is correct. Maybe something like "Scala di corso" or "Scala del corso"? I'm sorry for gramatical errors, I don't speak Italian.

  2. Jacksoft Traducteur en italien, sans droit de relecture

    I've asked a friend about this, and it was a bit tricky to translate. The properly phrase should be "Indicatore di rotta", where Course, on a compass, is "Rotta" (and not Corso, that is usually referred for time ("Nel corso del tempo", "Over time"), and Scale is "Indicatore", that is something related to measurements, in this case).
    I've fixed also other 2-3 translations.

  3. That's great. Thank you for your information, engagement and translation. I just rely on you.


  1. Course scale
    Course scale

    Course scale

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